Jersey girl currently living in Philadelphia pursuing my Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology. My loves in life include the ocean, bean burritos, and my chocolate lab. I like to write about psychology, relationships, personal growth, and other random topics I become interested in.




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  1. Just read your blog post about Insecurities in Relationships. You might just have saved me from destroying my relationship so thank you! Love your blog!

  2. hey! I love this blog! I had a suspicion you would be a doctoral student after I read a few posts. I am really curious to hear what you are exploring in your dissertation. I am also interested in literature on therapeutic relationships and counseling. Is there anything comprehensive you would recommend? (I have a BSc, mostly focused in social and physiological psych and sociology of health)

    Thanks a million, Emma 🙂

    • So sorry for the delay in this response! I must have made a mental note to respond and then forgotten, my apologies 🙂 My dissertation is focused on how to develop a therapeutic program for couples in distress that focuses on mindfulness meditation as the primary intervention. As far as literature on therapeutic relationships and counseling, I highly recommend Carl Roger’s “On Becoming a Person”, which I talk about in my post on Person Centered Therapy. Mary Pipher’s “Letters to a Young Therapist” is also a great easy read for those beginning in the field or thinking about entering the field. Hope that’s helpful, and thanks for reading!!!

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  4. Hello Emma,
    I found the story about your brother quite moving and damn accurate. I can speak from experience of having been on several meds, over 20 years including Seroquel, which I thought would kill me after six years. The withdrawal over 18 months from 400 mgs a day was horrible. It was either that or be a zombie – vegetable – dead person. Oh, sure at first the med helped sleep and mood swings, but within a year – all the nasty side effects kicked in hard. And most importantly – the longer I took the med to make me ‘better’ the more depressed and withdrawn I became. Finally I had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of ‘clarity’ and decided the med was the problem, not me. Off I went and it took a long time, and was painful physically and mentally, makes heroin withdrawal seem like child’s play. I am BP1.5. IMO.
    Get your brother the correct med mj and you may see him ‘stable’ out and be calm, and regain focus.
    Thanks for the post. EWD3 peace.

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